Is she just really friendly or is she actually interested?

So I met this girl at a volunteering event last weekend. We talked a little bit, mostly superficial stuff. I found out that she is from a town which I will be doing one of my rotations at in a few months. She had offered to show me around if she is there. I kinda just brushed it off as her being overly friendly since we don't really know each other..

I decided to find her on Facebook and told her that I might be visiting some friends at her town this weekend. She said "I might be in town if you want a tour guide." I told her I need to check with my friends first and she just said "Have a good trip here."

There seem to be some positive signs here and there. When we first met, we weren't overly flirtatious. She seems to be pretty popular girl, in a sorority and super friendly... not sure how to read her.. (or women in general :P)


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  • She may, but I'm just thinking she's being friendly. That's just my personal opinion. Has she shown any signs of wanting to talk to you? Or hangout in any flirtatious way whatso ever? If so, then she may. If not- she's just being friendly.

    • would someone be that nice to offer a tour?

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  • She offered a tour? Why not take it? Go!