My gut feeling is telling me he's the one... even though we have a rough past. Are we doomed or fated?

I like my best friend.. AGAIN. We've known each other for a decade now. We dated almost a decade ago. I broke his heart. I dated other guys. He went for other girls. Still not sure if he's ever had a gf or had sex, but that might be besides the point. I fell for him after I broke up w/ my first very serious bf. The relationship ended in college. As soon as my feelings were real full force, my best friend was no longer interested. He even told me he felt like he was using me for the great connection we had or some craziness. Didn't make sense. We never kissed the 2nd time. He said he doesn't take kissing girls he isn't into very lightly... but he always acted like he liked me. Idk, it was confusing situation.

It ended in a HUGE fight where we didn't talk for a long time. He begged and begged to keep me in his life. We're finally friends again. He had told me he tried to get revenge on me for not liking him when he liked me... and that's all what he was doing and that he didn't like me... then proceeded to talk all about how he puts walls up w/ important people in his life.

Anyways, I think I like him again... and I've still dated people since this all occurred. Idk, my gut feeling just tells me that something isn't over between us. The way we talk, the way we share secrets, the way we really care about each other... still. Idk, I just feel like there is more to the story... and that he might still be the one.

What do you guys think? Is it a gut feeling kind of thing?

Sorry made me pick a best answer! The guy and I are still talking… mostly about who we are and what we value… more of the same! Not feeling as connected anymore though.


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  • if you have a gut feeling go with it... gut feelings are usually spot on. Also, y'all have a lot of history. 10 years is a pretty long time to know someone. Don't over think this just let things falls into place... things will happen the way they are supposed to. Who u end up with (or don't end up with) has already been determined - it's really out of your control.

    • Talked to him last night... interesting... he asked me when the last time was that I got laid and recommended I get laid to relieve stress! He asked about this one guy I really liked actually and if that guy was my last. Such an awkward conversation. He also said he thinks he's moving back to this city in the next couple years.

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    • even if you had he might not tell you..

    • Maybe not... maybe he would though? Why wouldn't he? lol

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  • its someone you can trust and that you always end up going back to... i had a similar situation in which i dated someone years ago and then somehow even after both of us dated other people we would always somehow end up not being able to resist one another... and now we been together for over a year and going strong! i think you should talk to him about how you feel, now that you're both matured and older you may actually have a chance of getting things right now, and seeing the true meaning. no offence but to me it seems like its slightly more than ''you like him''... he seems to be on your mind alot. talk to him, you have nothing to lose and you will never know if you dont try!

    • This might be something I have to work up to. He's off working in another country, but last night he told me he might be coming back in the next couple years (which is new). I don't want to start something long distance. Actually... I'm thinking about visiting him in the near future (if I can get off from work) and then I'll talk to him. I think it's better to have the conversation in person.