What should I do about the way he's treating her?

So my guy friend used to like me but I didn't really like him as much. I used to notice when he wanted to talk to me he would always mention all these other women to impress me. That's what I thought but turns out he's a player. This is far from what I thought the type of person that he was. Well turns out he eventually got a girlfriend and she's very sweet. He usually goes for woman that work in emotional jobs. Like this gf works in adoption housing facility for children. Anyways I got to know her and now were friends. Well now I feel bad because I know this guy friend is going to break her heart. I have hinted at her because she asked me about his exes and I told her that I only knew his first love. He told me that he still talks to his first love but she's not interested in him. Still though he just seems narcissistic and now I feel bad for his gf. I have hinted a little to her because she told me he's always on his phone.


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  • Stay the FUCK out of it. You have no idea what his intentions are.


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