Ladies, if you receive a call from a guy and you miss the call?

So meet this guy for this first time and had one date, The date seemed to be well and the next evening he calls you.

However, you don't answer for whatever reason. He leaves you a voice mail saying to meet again.

How inclined are you to call back? Care to explain? Is it better for a guy to leave a voice mail or is it odd/needy?

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  • Left a voice mail, I won't return the call
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  • Left a voice mail, I will retrun the call
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  • No voice mail, I will return the call
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  • I don't care either way/ I am a Guy.
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  • If a girl is interested in you, she will 100% call you back. she'd probably even be awaiting your call. However, some girls do like to play hard-to-get and will wait a while to return your call, so its kinda hard to tell whether or not she is interested. But to answer your question, I personally, would call back whether or not the guy leaves a voicemail because I feel like its the polite thing to do. & its much better for a guy to leave a message, it lets the girl know that it wasn't just a "pocket dial" and that you actually want to meet again. leaving a voicemail shows her you care about her and that can increase your chances of landing a 2nd date! its neither odd or needy, it's instead very thoughtful :)

    • So how should i guy deal with a hard to get girl?

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    • yeah, I just found out, but looking on her instagram. I Just feel dumb. I am starting to think i should just adopt some kids and just not deal with women like that. its really starting to get to me. why do girls do that? i'd rather just be told "hey, Nash, your nice, but i have a BF" and i'd stop bugging her. and then "i'd joke and say "oh ok that's cool sorry for buggin' you. You should introduce me to your buddies lol" and leave her alone.

    • I totally get why you would feel that way. A lot of the time, girls have trouble being direct because we dont want to hurt your feelings or aren't sure how to confront you, but then again, maybe she doesn't want you to leave her alone. she could be having problems with her bf and enjoys your virtual company at night. Girls are confusing, we really are. Even when you feel like you've had enough of our mind games, just remember that the girl thats right for you could be right under your nose and you just haven't realized it yet :)

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  • Even if you didn't call, she would of been messaging you a lot if she was interested.
    That being said, if a guy I was interested to called me and I missed it; I'll call right away or when I'm free, but mostly send him a message saying "I'm busy, sorry. Call you when I'm free"
    If I'm not interested, I will avoid it. If he continues, I'll be straightforward. Saying "I had a good time, but I don't think you're for me"

    • I am glad that you would be straight forward. that will remove a lot of stressing out for no reason.

  • I hate voicemail so chances are that I wouldn't even listen to all of it, I'd just text him to let him know I saw that he called and I'd ask what's up.

  • I would probably text back. I don't like speaking on the phone

  • I would text him saying i got his voicemail. i wouldn't call

    • Really? would you explain yourself in the text?

    • no. i would just say "hey you called? what's up?"

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