When he says "we're dating", that most likely means?

He was talking to me about his ex and the past funny moments when he said that. Word for word: "She was the only blah blah blah I dated, well besides you (me) of course."
So what does that really mean? I know some guys consider dating as bf/gf, but most of the time dating just means seeing each other, going on dates, but not in a relationship.


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  • I thought "dating" was short for, "We're romantically involved and not romantically involved with anybody else right now." But I'm a lot older than most of the users here.

    Your question indicates that you do not have the same definition of dating as me, which is fine. I'm curious -- what would YOU call what I call "dating?"

    • Like pretty much you two are indeed romantically involved, seeing each other, but without the relationship label.

    • This is going to sound boring, but you might have to define dating with this guys so you two don't start fighting.

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  • you have to see what you want first, and ask him to clarify what you meant, or else you might get lead on or even more confused

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