Is my boyfriend cheating on me? Pls help me?

It has been only 3 days for My latest relationship.

We were hoping to go on a date on yesterday. He promised to come. But when I call him , he did not answer the phone. After that his phone has switched off for 5 hours.

Around 10pm, he called and told me that he was busy with a client and could not inform and also his phone's battery switched off due to out of battery.

He told me to sleep well, talk in morning.

Here are my problems.

1. He never send me a sms - told that his phone has broken accidently and cannot send messages.

2. He never called me hours. Not for 10mins. Just 1-2 mins calls only.

3. Should i Trust this guy?

And I called today morning and asked what's wrong with him. He told that he will come today to meet me.

I told that his behaviour is hurting me and pls try to change.
If he cannot give sometime from his busy schedule, do not come to meet me today. Lets be only friends.

And I informed to have a decision and meet me unless don't come. I felt that he just took it easy and replied "Ok, I will think"

If he doesn't call me, should I ask him that "R u coming on the evening?"

Pls help me. Im totally confused.


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  • So you've been dating a guy for a couple of days and you can't let him be? -- this is a serious, and bad, sign of dependency and/or obsession. I don't want to cuss you, but you need to relax about this - there's no rush.

    He's not your "boyfriend" just yet, you need to go on a couple of dates with him to see who he is, and to let him know who you are too.

    In regards to him not talking too much: he's busy - he told you that. Stop assuming he's with some other, non-existent girl, because this will only lead to jealousy and paranoia, which often leads ultimately to lack of communication and trust - a relationship couldn't work.

    Follow this logic: in a relationship you need communication, trust and, of course, attraction... the 3 pillars... if one of these disappears, the relationship has nothing.

    Communicate with him, ask him why he isn't talking (although he'll tell you the same thing he said before), trust that he isn't getting up to no good...

    • I already asked him, Y is he behaving like this. He maybe busy. But I asked, do not have at least 10mins to talk with me. he was speechless at the moment. We did not argue and I explained nicely. I just want to know, He said He will be coming today's meeting or should i wait his call as he already missed the yesterday.

    • Should I ask about the today's meeting or Should I wait for his call. Pls comment. I am not asking like that, if he was not missed yesterday, at least he had to inform me.

    • You guys are DATING, it isn't serious as of yet: let him contact you if he wishes to... if he doesn't then tell him how you feel again... It's not healthy to stay in a relationship where one side of it isn't giving the other the support and attention they deserve.

      Right now you're giving 100%, when he's giving 60% ... it isn't good! You need to be at the same level, otherwise this isn't going anywhere.

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