Alright girls. I need your interpretation skills on this short conversation?

Keeping in mind that I hung out with this girl in high school which was 6 years ago. Do you see any reason why this girl would not want to hang out and catch up?

Start of Convo:
ME- Hey (Name) how have you been? I just happened to see that you work at (Place) in (City). I live in (City) now so I may have to stop in and give it a try and say hi. if you don't mind me asking... what days do you normally work?

HER-Well, I totally would have had you come in there but I don't work here anymore:/

ME-Oh well dang! Do you still live around (City)? I just moved here 4 months ago.

HER-Yeah! I'm there all the time. Why'd you move here?

ME-Oh cool. I took a job at (Place) up in (Location) as an (Job Title). Familiar with it? What brought you to (City)?

HER-The (Place) in the (Location)? I don't think I do.

HER- Well that's awesome, you've always loved (Job)

ME-Yeah you know me and (Job) haha. it's a private (Place tucked away off the north side of (Blvd). Well, hey i see your messages are coming from (Place) so i know it's late there, but we should hang out and catch up some time! Just shoot me a text or call me when you get back in town (My Phone #) :)

HER- Sounds Good :)

2 & 1/2 weeks later ME:Hey, (Name). Any chance you are going to be in town the rest of this week? I thought maybe we could hang out a bit sometime?


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  • reading those made me think you're very interested on her and she's a little bit passive, not too active in conversation.. because honestly, if she's interested in meeting you, she would be excited in seeing you again and should already responded right away about whats her schedule and other things you asked like what brought her to that city, etc.
    Maybe she has boyfriend or has problem or busy with her life that she's not comfortable to share with you..

    • I guess there is that possibility. I know people change over time but when we hung out in high school is was completely friends oriented and she seemed like the most outgoing girl and even asked me to come visit her at college which was on the way to my college. But she only went there for 1 year and transferred to another school so I never got to. She saw my last message at 11:30pm and still no answer. I really don't feel like she is the type of girl that would turn me down so I don't know if I should wait a few days and then message her again or just let it go?

    • You're right, people change overtime... buf if you have a feeling that she's the type that would turn you down, then if I were you, I won't message her again, I wion't wait her message either because it will just lead to disappointment specially if I keep on waiting and no response... I will try to live on my own, meet other girls, and not bother her..
      She saw your message and she ignored it, it clearly shows a sign of disinterest... what's the point of waiting and messaging her again? if you keep on doing that, you're just pushing her away..
      So, let it go.. you already did a good job, you deserve better who would love to meet and spend time with you..

    • **that would not turn you down

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  • She's probably not interested sadly/: I'm sorry

  • first question: how old are you and how old is she. second: she doesn't seem interested to me.

    • Same age. She's single according to FB. Thanks for your interpretation.

  • I think she's not that interested. What did she say after you asked her to hang out?

    • Well that's the thing she hasn't replied yet and she saw the message at 11:30 last night. I think I'm going t wait a few days and then shoot her a playful message about her not getting back to me. I mean there's nothing to lose right? Haha

    • If she doesn't reply by today, don't bother writing back to her. She's not interested

  • Sounds like a normal conversation
    Have u done anything to show her ur intrested?


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  • What's her reply for your last text?

    • I think that might be the point: she hasn't answered?

      It sounds like she was just being polite. There's nothing that indicates interest on your part or hers.

      But she could still get back to you. At least you tried. Better that than being a coward about making contact. Well done.

    • Thanks. No answer yet and she saw the message on FB chat last night at 11:30pm. From how I remember her form high school she wouldn't be the kind of girl just to blow me off be cause we were just friends and nothing more at the time. And with how she answered when i asked her if she still lived around the area she said "Yeah! I'm there all the time." I thought in my mind that was a pretty good indication that she would want to get together? If she doesn't reply within a few days should I jokingly ask her if she's too busy or just let it fly?

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