What does play fighting means?

I always play fights with my crush. Like after a class when we are waiting for the teachers to arrive, or even along the hallways.
She will start fighting first like hit me and I will hit her back and this goes on and on and we have a lot of physical contact. I like it a lot since i have a 2 year crush on her LOL.
Sometime i tease her and she gets mad so she will hit me and there was once i even cornered her to the wall behind the class.
So does she like me too or am I being friendzoned and what does play fighting means? Flirting?


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  • when a girl does that i would take it as flirting as she is wanting you to fight back because she likes the physical contact. and when you tease her she gets mad because that means she values your opinion of her, and is looking to impress you.

    like if you insulted the way her hair looks after the wind blows it around, she may get defensive and hit you because she doesn't want you to see these minor flaws because she cares what you think about her.

    hope this helps you and answers your question :)


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  • Play fighting is adorable!
    I think she likes you!
    You are definitely not friendzoned if she is in physical contact with you.
    Your crush definitely likes you back.
    Go get her already! :')

  • Play fighting is flirting.


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