Would you date me? Just curious of what people think of me so please be honest?

I'm 19, work full time am not in school currently and live with my parents. I enjoy playing league of legends and go bowling and play basketball once a week and I try to hang out with my friends whenever our schedules line up. I also watch TV and anime.

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And I am starting college this fall


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  • Presuming that I liked your personality and identified with your belief system:
    Maybe, if you didn't watch too much TV (no more than 2 hrs daily) and started going to the gym at least twice a week.

    What do you do for work?

    For me personally, you'd have to like and read books, finishing at least one book per fortnight (roughly, it's not like I'd keep records) and always having one or more books on the go. But most girls wouldn't require this, I'm just a bookworm 📚 🐛


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  • Do you plan on going to school?

  • Sound good to me I'd go there... I don't judge people for not going to college (referring to the last person who comment)

  • No I'm sorry. Not being in college is a deal breaker


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