How to kiss a girl? ? How can I make her be comfortable with out forcing her? How to not make it weird?

I need to know how to make it natural.
How do I do it?
How to be comfortable?
Never done this.


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  • Yep if ahes staring at ur lips she wants to kiss u.. maybe if ur self conscious about it u can ask her a question about something u know she's very interested in then when she is in the middle of talking kiss her.. we love surprises!! (I've always thought when guys did this it was adorable) or get her alone talk to her and when everything feels right just do it.. trust me we are just as or more nervous than u are whwn it comes to a first kiss or any kiss.. just breathe take a breath mint make sure u feel totally confident and do it.. best of luck!!:)


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  • Alright little fact every guy should know, if you catch her staring at your lips she wants to fuckin kiss you! There's nothin worse than wantin to kiss a guy and him not kiss you first on the first go. She'll be comfortable with kissing you if she likes you. Just ask her if she was planning on saving her first kiss until she was sure she found the one. Don't just be blunt about that tho. Ask her if she's ever kissed anyone first and if she says no ask if there's a reason for that.


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  • Usually it's at the end of a date, you just lean in for one as you're saying your goodbyes.

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