Should I be worried about my boyfriend's co-worker?

Long story short, there's this new girl at his job. He always telling me how she's my twin, because she has my same first and last name, she's the same ethnicity as me, etc. She is 5-6 years older than me, and she has a boyfriend who is the same age as me and my boyfriend's age (20). She's always asking for a third opinion from my guy about how she mistreats her boyfriend, and how she wants to break up with him. My guy also tells me about the things they talk about at work. Should I be worried about this chick?


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  • Well if you trust your bf, then you shouldn't worry. If you dont trust your bf then yeah Id worry. Simply put if your bf respects your relationship and you he won't cheat. If he is looking for something else than well you know where that leads.

    Issue here is if you confront him or ask him about her then this could make you look insecure. Though if he keeps going on about how she is your twin, why not ask to meet her? See if you two really are twins or your boyfriend is seeing things. This way she has a face to put with the name when it comes to your bf.

    • I have met her. We have spoken about her. He tells me that he only talks to her to pass the time, etc. I trust him. I just don't trust the girl.

    • dear heart I want to say this in the nicest way possible. If a girl who I was not into came on to me, it would not lead to anything. It takes two to tango and if he decides he needs to sleep with her then that says something about what he thinks of you and your relationship. Unless you are seriously drunk having accidental sex does not happen. Did someone trip and fall magically aligning genitalia and suddenly there was humping? No. Its a conscious choice. So you dont trust either of them. Argue what you want, but you can't have an affair with only one willing participant. Unless there is a blow up doll involved.

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  • The fact that your bf tells you all of this and isn't hiding things says you shouldn't have to worry.

    • I like this answer alot.

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    • Lol we have spoken about it, and he has assured me that he doesn't like her, etc. Just can't help, but let it bother me.

    • Stop worrying :)

  • That's creepy. She has the same everything as you. But she's not you! Your bf loves you and is with you. He's going to have work friends, but it doesn't mean anything

    • I just hope that is true.

  • You can't do much anyways. Just hope your bf is a good guy and is faithful to you.