How do I stop turning everything into an argument?

When I talk to the guy I am seeing we have great conversations but then I ruin it.
I pick up on tiny details like how he sometimes accidentally calls me 'bro' and then when i said it was was like 'bro? ouch, friend zoned am I?'.
I always pick up and make a big deal about stupid comments or something he has worded and makes it sounds bad, even though sometimes i understand what he actually meant by it.

He likes when i'm fun and when we have fun conversations, so when i do this it just pushes him away! How do I stop turning everything into an argument?


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  • Tell yourself, just listen and don't comment on what he says unless it seems REALLY important after a few moment's reflection.

    Slower, slower, don't pressure either him, or yourself! Enjoy life. There will be plenty of occasions to argue later; no reason to pick fights when you are just getting to know each other, unless there's some MAJOR issue, and think a minute to make sure it's ACTUALLY 'major.'

  • Stop being so hyper sensitive. I don't blame him for being pushed away. When he calls you 'bro'... just have no reaction to it. Change your reaction.


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