5th date? Do you think we're our way to 'being in a relationship'?

I've been seeing this guy, and it's going to be our 5th date coming up. I know every relationship is different but I wanted your opinion on how you feel it is progressing...

First Date - Met for drinks and then walked around our city. He showed me a couple of his favorite places, and we ended at this lookout where we chatted for the rest of the night.

Second Date - Climbed a mountain, sat on the lookout and chatted. Then headed for drinks. The night ended with him walking me to my bus and a long hug.

Third Date - Went to his place for dinner. I helped prepare the food and we cooked together. After dinner, we watched TV in his bedroom which led to us making out/having sex. We cuddled and watched TV for the rest of the night, until I went home.

Fourth Date - Met at a walking spot near a lake, walked and had ice cream (we shared). Then we headed to a restaurant that had sangria, because he knows how much I like it lol. The whole day/night we kissed, held hands, and he caressed my waist/knee. Then we headed to his place... and did stuff ;) haha

We are planning our 5th date - he's coming to my place to bake and watch a movie... can I say that we are on our way to 'being in a relationship'? I've been hurt in the past, and am very guarded. We only see each other once a week because of our different schedules, but I really am starting to like this guy...


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  • That all sounds very nice. I'd say you're on your way. Still, take some time to date first and when you have gotten to know him better, decide if this is a guy for a relationship. Do you have things in common? Would you get along with his friends? I don't know, questions that would guide you into entering a "more" serious union. But thus far, it sounds like it's heading that way.

    • Great advice, thank you so much! We get along really well, and he appreciates my weird sense of humor lol. Every time we go out, the chemistry gets stronger and stronger... and it does seem like he likes me, but it's my guard that is making me unsure. Of course I can never really know, until I do lol. And I don't want to pressure him, because I do hope to progress to an exclusive relationship. Thanks for replying, it's comforting to hear other peoples' thoughts :)

    • If you have a matching sense of humor, then you're on the right track. My father tells me "At the end of the day you won't remember the deep talks with your partner, the important thing is how much you laugh together at life". You're right. Don't pressure things, enjoy "the now", because the past is gone and the future doesn't exist yet, so enjoy him NOW. If things get more serious, it'll come with time and I can tell you that men appreciate the lightness and joy with which a woman enjoys being with him. :)

    • Your comment has seriously made me feel so much better, thank you! I really do need to learn to embrace 'the now'... I know that I am the type of person who always thinks of the worst possible situation and that I don't deserve the happiness/too much happiness will eventually lead to a downfall in the relationship. I need to work on that, but it's not easy :/ I am going to try my hardest though, because I don't want to be the cause of screwing up something that could be amazing :) Seriously, thank you!! :)

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  • you already know each other very well so according to me you both should be in a relationship as there is nothing harm in that as relationship need's understanding and trust. And i guess you both understand and trust each other.
    So, if you think you are liking him then let him know on your next date that you like him :) he will propose you for sure.

    • Very true... I feel like if I inquire too soon, it may freak him out though lol. I just wish I knew where his head was at, but the fact that it seems to be going okay right now is a good thing. Thanks for the reply, it's comforting to know what people think :)

    • yup Good luck and be safe :)

  • If you like him then like him and tell your anxiety that everything's okay. You don't need to know where things are going. Things look good so far so just relax and let things happen good luck :)

    • Thanks, I am trying to not let it get to me... but it's not easy. I've been in some hurtful, past situations that have caused me to put this wall up. I need to realize not every guy is a d-bag lol. I guess I'm also the type of person who just wants to 'now', because I don't want to get my heartbroken, but then again... I guess I can never really be sure

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    • That's soo true. My last relationship ended in heartbreak, and it was rough. But of course, I know you eventually overcome heartbreak... cause I did eventually. Yup, you are so right - I definitely stress over the little things all the time, and usually it was nothing to worry that much about. I am the type of person who thinks of the worst possible scenario, and in relationships, sometimes that I don't deserve the happiness/too much happiness will eventually lead to a downfall. Super pessimistic I know, but I can't help it :/ I am going to *try* and embrace 'the now'... and let whatever happens, happen... which I know will still not easy though :(

    • Well if it helps all people are this "type of person" in some point in life it's just a matter of when they learned to cope with ambiguity. Don't beat yourself up.

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  • Well I think you're headed to a relationship because usually if a guy comes back after sex then he has more than sexual feelings for you. If he didn't care about you then he'd just hit it & quit it.

    • Ohh yeah, I've definitely been in situations like that... and that's why I'm so guarded. The fact that he asked to go out again, and not just at night to his place, made me feel better and like him even more :)

  • It's really hard to tell without being in this personally. Just from the dates, it's impossible to tell you if this is heading for a relationship or not. But you guys are off to a good start

    • Yeah, it's sort of the 'short summary' of everything lol. Thanks for the reply! I like him more and more each time we see each other, and I guess no one besides him can tell me his feelings. I just hope we're heading in the 'right' direction, because I've been hurt in the past, and fear that I'm letting down my guard too early.

    • If you know he's not seeing anyone else, then it's definitely heading in that direction

  • Love is never planned

    • So true... as much as I try to avoid getting my heart broken, I can never be sure of that either :/

    • The only way you can avoid getting your heart broken is not sleeping with the guys and not investing a lot of time unless you are in a relationship
      But this is just dating and I think you should not worry too much
      Put in effort but be prepared for anything
      It's good to have friends you can talk to