Girls would you expect an Asian guy to be short? Pleasant surprise if he’s not?

Got set up with this girl, friend of a friend. We’ve seen pics of each other and chat a little, agreed to first date next week. But she doesn't know how tall am. I am Chinese. She is white native French. Would you expect me to be short. Would it be a nice supprise for you that Im not. Im actualy 5’ 11’’.

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  • What? Not all Asians are 5'3? Lol, she can't honestly expect all Asians to be short. Thats not even possible. If she's like most girls, and likes her guy tall, then yes she'll be very happy... but I wouldn't say surprised. Anyway, good luck on your date and I'm sure it will go well! (Ps. I have a first date with a guy next week too :D)


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  • I think most Asians are short but like people come in all diferent shapes and sizes like in all races

  • I don't expect all Asian guys to be short. I've seen quite a few tall ones.

  • Short depends on the person. Here I stand at 5'3", my boyfriend being 6'4" which is perfect for me and I consider 5'11" short because I was raised around people who are 5'9" - 5'11" which is the typical height for American men.


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