My boyfriend doesn't want me to lose weight, any tips how to handle?

I need to lose some weight but the problem is my boyfriend. He says he doesn't like me dieting because I'm more cranky and we can't do "fun things" like wining and dining... I've tried to tell him this is just something I need to do to feel better about myself and getting healthier but he doesn't understand. He's naturally skinny and athletic so he can basically eat whatever he wants without any weight problems. He have huge fights over this and I don't know how to handle this situation. Could someone offer advice please? :)


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  • Do whatever makes you happy and whatever makes you feel good about yourself. If you want to lose weight and diet and etc. He should be supporting you on that. He's just being a bit immature about it. Do what makes you feel good :)

    • You're right.. It's just not too easy when he doesn't understand where I come from...

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  • You got do whatever makes you happy, if your weight is unhealthy like mine than you got try to help yourself , your boyfriend loves you he will let you stay healthy but happy too, yes being overweight is battle we all try to conquer but it's a struggle , if you want lose weight do it the healthy way do not diet weight where it will make you sick i been down this road so many times and all the stuff i did to lose weight it's unbelievable and i am lucky i am still alive

  • He is being immature.
    U can loose if you want to , he should not have any problem with that.

    • I know! This bothers me a lot, it's my body and I should be able to do what I want. Thing is, I work 60 hours a week and don't have that much time to exercise now than I'm dating him. Otherwise we would never see.. So I need to eat less because exercising more is not really an option for me at the moment (I do exercise 3 times a week though). I'm just quite upset, he wanted to take me out to a new place this Saturday, and I suggested we would stay at home instead and I could make us a nice healthy meal. He said he wants to have a girlfriend who can do things with him and is not afraid of ordering a dessert... That was hurtful. It's not my fault I can't eat whatever I want without gaining weight.

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    • Well then think yourself a lucky one and gain weight.
      Its just you who can make him understand and if he is so in love with you , why yhe hell he dont get what you want.
      Don't he care about your happiness.

    • Haha, yeah well he would have a lot bigger girlfriend if I didn't do anything... It feels exactly like he didn't care for my happiness. Maybe this is a deal-breker for him, then. Maybe he needs a naturally skinny girl who can eat a lot without weight problems :(

  • How much do u weight?

    • 162 pounds, I'm not super overweight

    • I suppose losing alil should be fine. don't know about him, maybe he wants dat body heat :3

    • haha, perhaps :D

  • what does 'wining and dining' mean to him?

    • He likes to go out to fancy restaurants, at least 3-course meals with wine... and not so fancy ones, too. Even more unhealthy though. That's why I've put on weight, I think! I just can't eat the same way he does, I gain weight super easily if I don't watch out my diet. And I don't like myself anymore and this is affecting my self image so I'm sure I'd be much happier when I'm back at my normal weight.

    • I suspect you'll have better luck with a very strict diet and a cheat meal a couple times a week with him, then trying to eat sort of on all the time.

      I know how you feel. My wife isn't overly excited when I'm in the month before making weight.

    • Well I can't do well very strict diets, that's the problem. I used to have bulimia and if I diet too hard I'll start bingeing and purging. So I need to do it slowly. My normal diet is pretty fine and healthy and I don't have problems keeping my weight, these restaurant meals with him are the problem... If I had more time I could exercise more, but I already work 60 hours a week and do exercise 3 times, so I wouldn't have time to meet my bf if I train more. I could probably go to a restaurant like once a month but that's not enough for him. And if I just order a salad or fish with steamed veggies etc he doesn't like that either, because "it's not fun to watch". He says I'm not overweight so I should just forget dieting because he likes me the way I am. I'm just not happy with this weight, and if I don't stop restaurant meals I'll gain even more!

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  • Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels

    • Get the shirts before they're gone

    • I don't think there is that huge of a rush on them..

      I'm hoping someone gets one for me lol

    • I should buy him one of those, but apparently he disagrees with that saying :D

  • But why can't you still go out to eat when you're on a diet? Just order healthier food and eat less

    • He says it's not fun to watch me grabbing a salad :D And to be honest, it's not so nice for me either...

    • Well then tell him to suck it up and be supportive. So what if he misses out on some meals. What's important is that he supports you and what you want instead of being so selfish.