How in the world do you handle this?

So what do you do if you say have an internet dating profile and get matched with a friend that you don't know very well? As in I know the person and talk to him a couple times a week, but don't know him well. I don't know if he knows it would be me since I hadn't added pics yet. Awkward is what it is.


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  • Just roll with it. Worst case, you don't hit it off with someone you don't know very well. Best case, you find the love of your life right under your nose.

    • Eh I do not match his type at all.

  • Only as awkward as you make it. For me it would depend on if I actually like them or thought they would be a good match. At the very least since you don't have a picture yet you could block him, tell him it was you and laugh about it if you don't want to date him, or let him see that it is you while sending a message if you are interested. But it's not that awkward I have had that happen before I just didn't tell them.

    • Well I do find him hot. And due to some recent life changes he has had been trying to get him to hang out with my group of friends to introduce him to people. But really I don't know if I can look at him without bursting out laughing over what I perceive as funny

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    • I just think it's highly comical. Especially since once I could move on to the next one it was a guy in my group of friends.
      I don't think his saying he wants to hang out means anything he's a sociable guy.

    • It is kind of funny. I think this should be something the two of you would probably get a good laugh out of since the computer thought you were a good match.

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