My Best guy friend is ignoring me? (PLEASE READ)?

My best guy friend has been ignoring me for a while he never answers my text, snapchats me, or DM on my instagram that i send him. He texts other girls though and he blaming it on his work but even when he's not working he still ignores me.

He promised me yesterday that we would talk and work things out today but he never texted me and then finally he wrote me this whole long paragraph about being sorry? what is up with him? i thnk he likes me but he keeps on showing mix emotions!!! HELP!


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  • Sorry from this description it does not appear that he has feelings for you. When I have ignored female friends in the past it was because it was very obvious that they wanted more and I didn't. It became uncomfortable to have to fend off constant advances.

    • but we were best friends we did everything together then suddenly he just stopped. he always hits me (playfully) laughs at all my jokes (they're not even that funny) and we always hang out no matter what the situation is. but then we does all of these things that just make our friendship awful and he just wants to hide from them, why?

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    • You'll learn in time that you are your everything. It's OK to hurt, this will fade and another will come and take his place, and they will fade and so on and so forth. Very few of us are blessed with friendship that lasts a lifetime.

    • true, hopefully time will pass and he'll get back on track

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  • confront him.
    Don't just sit there an 'wonder' why he is doing this.
    ask him for a straight answer and ask him why he is doing what he is doing. ask him if it is because of something that you did or said. tell him how you are feeling and how is action are making you feel. maybe that way, he will reflect on his actions. men sometimes don't understand that they are hurting the people around them until someone points it out.
    Tokomo :)

    • but i tried we were supposed to talk today and he blew me off, he said sorry but i told him i was mad. and he didn't care. I feel like something is happening in his life and I'm his best friend we tell each other everything so i want to make sure he's ok but he won't open up. but he will open up to other girls (which is fine) but confusing

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    • words can't describe how much you just helped me! THANK YOU!

    • you are welcome :)