New guy I was dating cancelled our plans is it over?

We haven't been sexually active just a lot of kissing and cuddling but it felt awfully intimate fast.

We went on four dates in a week and I met his friends. He asked me to go out again tonight but warned me that he may be home late so asked if we could play it by ear. I said ok please just let me know it's ok if it's too late.

He messaged me that he was just leaving and it's too late to meet tonight, with a sad face.

Is he just playing me? Should I move on? He contacts me daily. Today he had mentioned Fourth of July plans, etc.


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  • 4 dates in a week wow. Why are you bummed out and freaking out that he said he couldn't meet one day after he gave u a heads up that he couldn't make it... Don't be so clingy you have nothing to worry about, it sounds like he's really into you.

    If he cancelled plans and isn't suggesting getting together and you haven't seen each other in a couple weeks, that's when you should know things are pretty much over


What Girls Said 1

  • See if other plans are made

    Freaking out over one cancelled date is overreacting

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