He wants me to change my plans with my friend to see him, is that normal?

I met this new guy and he just got a big promotion at work today and wants to take me out tomorrow to celebrate.

We have been out a few times and talk every day, it isn't a relationship yet but it seems to be headed in that direction.

I made plans with my friend like two weeks ago. We were just going to grab a drink. I told him I had plans with her for a long time. He didn't get mad but he said are you sure you can't meet her another time or later so we can have a little time?

I don't want to be that girl who cancels her plans for a guy I am not in a relationship with yet. Then again, it is a big promotion and he ran to tell me first, and I really want to get in a relationship with him.

I don't want to be the girl who drops plans for a guy, because then he will think I am malleable. I also don't want to be a bitch friend.

What should I do? She would probably understand, but if I reschedule with her does that make me a doormat?


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  • Well I'd say this ONE time it's fine because it's a huge time in his life that he wants you to be there for while you and your friend can drink whenever. If possible ask him if she can tag along perhaps. All go out for drinks and everyone is happy.

    Good luck!


What Girls Said 1

  • I think if you like the guy enough you should. Your friend would understand. I the guy is asking you too cancel he must really like you and want too be in a relationship with you. You could also use this as a trust test and say that your friend didn't have any other time too do it. If he makes a big deal about it then he isn't the right guy for you. A man shouldn't try and take you from your friends. I say you should go with him and ask you friend if you can do it another time he wants it too become a relationship. So go for it! :)