My first love after 5 years comes back. Girls, help me out!?

She enters my life suddenly. Although she has a boyfriend, she Texts me daily, always wants to hangout and just talk for hours about anything, life, sex, problems & dreams. She says she trusts me with more than most... she's going through a tough time in her life and i feel Should i take a hint and make a move. But a part of me says, hold back.
I love her, didn't realize this till i saw her after so long but i would marry her honestly. She's my world, i want to take care of her.. but am afraid to ruin the closeness that we have now.

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  • The choices create a false dilemma... you don't have to do either of those! In fact, I don't think you should.

    Since she has a boyfriend (no matter how loose the term) you absolutely should not make a move (in my opinion). Don't ever cross that line, ever.

    That being said, she is clearly emotionally involved with you (which means SHE is technically crossing a line...) It sounds like you guys are really close. Close enough, in fact, where you should definitely talk about it!

    Basically, "making a move" (which I'm interpreting as just spontaneously kissing her or holding her hand or something physical) would be in poor taste but an open and honest declaration of your feelings and request for her to consider hers is not---it would be just fine! You never want to wonder "what if," you know?


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  • Talk to her. Tell her how you feel and find out if she feels the same. And if she doesn't then she really should back off a bit, cuz that's mixed signals.
    But to me she sounds interested, especially if she is talking to you about sexual activities...

  • better make a move if you don't wanna ruin her relationship

  • Why did u brake up , then ill tell u

    • Distance... right person, wrong time i guess.

    • Then make a move

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