Should I go out with him... I'm sooo nervous?

So I met a guy online and we've been talking for a couple of weeks over Facebook. Tomorrow he wants me to meet him at a park near his house to go stargazing. But I am sooo nervous to go and am thinking if canceling even thought I've already out it off because Im nervous. I'm scared it'll be really awkward or J won't be what he expects. I've told him I'm not thin and he says from my pics I don't look heavy at all but they are just good pics (I'm 5'3" and about 175-180 lbs). I don't know if I should go... I'm so nervous!

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  • Life is about taking risks and reaping the rewards. In order to develop any sort of relationship with someone you have to go outside of your comfort zone and give them a chance or else you'll spend your entire life thinking 'what if'. Bring a few drinks along to help calm your nerves. Go out and do what you need to do to have a happy life.

    or just bring me along and I'll be the awkward third wheel. I can tell jokes for days. no PDA, no WKS.


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  • This won't sound very nice but it's my opinion which is what you're asking for, why at night and why a park, where no one will be around? The mutual friends thing is irrelevant, do you know anyone that actually knows him or his family? Be safe, arrange it for a day in a busy place...

  • Guys online are very shady! You have no idea what you are walking into, for the guy could be fake, have a fake name, using you, or worse! MY vote is:
    NO WAY!

    • We had mutual friends on Facebook and he doesn't even live too far away.