Does he think about me? Should I move on (its hard to!)?

Well I guess only time can heal this but I met a guy like a couple of months ago who I was very attracted to and we hit it off but he cut me out of his life because I think he went back to his ex or something? I don't know the full story but he was flirting with me and I connected with him on many levels (at least in my mind). He told me "bye forever, I am glad we could be friends while we could be just put God first in your life He won't let you down." and maybe it's just me but it totally broke my heart.

Should I move on? What should I do? Does he think about me? Any advice?


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  • Because you have a choice? Life is going to happen to you whether you want it or not. Moving on is simply a bi-product of change; something unavoidable.

    No real advice here. Just life's little dogma.


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