I'm not really allowed to date, can you give me advice?

I'm 17 years old and I really am concentrated in school and getting to a good university next year. But I have one problem. ..

Next year, I'll be going to college and I know I'm going to have lots of fun meeting new people. Possibly my first boyfriend.

But the thing is, I'm Armenian and my parents are all about me marrying an Armenian when I'm older. I personally have told them don't be disappointed if my boyfriend isn't Armenian but they get mad or try to change the subject.

I love my parents dearly, but they follow customs way too much. My uncle is Armenian and married a Jamaican and they have been happily married. I just need a way for my parents to understand that.

They are also worried because in Armenian people gossip for every small bit. But again, traditions and customs right?

So what do you think I should do to tell them? Should I just not tell them? I need advice because I'm really confused about my future. I don't want to be limited to just Armenians because I know love has no limits.


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  • Do you live in America? Or Armenia?

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    • Ok so they were born into the traditional style. They want you too follow your cultures traditions which is understandable. And its also understandable if you may not want too follow traditions for your love life or marriage. You may fall in love with an Armenian man and get married or it may be a man of a different culture or ethnic group. I believe its your choice too marry and date whom every you wish. If you wish too follow the traditional style then you decide that. Its all up too you sweetie.

    • I am really happy I was helpful!

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  • of course you can date. What is this an arranged marriage? and yea how hypocritical that your uncle married a Jamaican.
    You can date whomever you want oh and FYI every one gossips everywhere you go. Even people in Afghanistan gossip. Nothing new. '
    Date who makes you happy and feel special. If your parents can't accept that then they aren't being mature. That's the problem with these "parents" always trying to control their kids lives. Oh and don't buy into that whole "we want whats best for you." Its BS, your parents only want what's best for Them!

    yea your college is going to be awesome... and yea your going to meet plenty of guys that are nowhere close to being Armenian.
    You come first ok... not the traditions or customs you do.

  • Its easy that Is you and that's your opinion And your parents have to deal with it
    If your parents do not accept that then they do not accept who you are
    Its difficult but with a good marriage you will be happier then with parents who you see so now and then and a shitty forced marriage
    But if you want to be your parents little girl forever then that's fine :p

    I mean you grow up you get your own opinions and your own ideas and goals, your parents don't diced your life
    It's YOUR life not your parents, your parents raised you into who you are now if they are not happy with the way you turned out then they made a mistake

  • If you're in America, there isn't much they can do about it. They're your parents, so as much as they'll be upset in the beginning, they'll grow to accept it if they see you're good for each other. Same as your uncle.

  • It's your life not theirs.

  • On "Total Divas" on E!, there is an Armenian man dating a black girl.


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