What does it mean when a guy asks do you love me?

After meeting a guy I got the courage to break up a terrible 2 year relationship. We've been dating about 5-6 weeks now and its great. We work together and I stay at his house nearly 3 times a week. His friends say he hasn't brought a girl around in almost a year especially as much as I'm there so I know he cares about me. The other day he asked "do you love me?" As he was walking in to grab dinner. I replied with a little laugh "no, I can't love you" he blankly turned and asked why... I answered because I barely know you. Now I can tell he's a candidate and I know I could love him the future but its to soon to feel that right now. It seemed to throw him off... So what does it mean when a guy asks, "do you love me?"


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  • Means he wants to know whether you love him... simple english.

    What do you think it means?
    Hey baby, wanna join al-qaeda with me so that we can bang some American towers?


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  • he loves you and wanna know if you feel the same about him