Did he really like me or lead me on?

So I had a friend's with benefits with one of my brother's friends and we spent a lot of time just hanging out and occasionally making out. The first night we kissed he tried to touch my boobs but I moved his hand and eventually after a couple of months I started letting him touch my butt and stuff but, I never slept with him. We were at a party and this girl that liked him sat next to him but he asked to switch seats with our mutal friends so he could sit next to me. Both my friends and his were there and he paid attention to me the whole night, he even put his hat on me. He got in a fight that night and I held him. A week later we were hanging out and he asked me to sit next to him. He kept giving my shoulders a kiss and he kissed the side of my head but I ignored him because he was paying attention to this girl on fb a lot. He always liked and commented on her stuff and pictures but her never did the same with me. NEVER! So I didn't even kiss him back or anything. After that he came over a week later and I went home early because I had a lot of school work and he told me I sucked for leaving so early... after that we pretty much just started to die down but when his birthday came up I did say I was going to get him something and it was a surprise. I got him a cake and this panda case for a hand sanatizer since he's always getting mine. He gave me a big hug and said "yes" with a big smile on his face. But as were eating the cake.. one of my friends asked him what was wrong and I heard him say "I feel bad" right then I knew he didn't feel the same... so why is it that when I gave him his space he still tried to hangout with me. And when I finally swallowed my pride and asked him to spend time he sounded happy and agreed to. He never made me his gf but he treats me better than other girls. And even though he's with someone new, when he see's me with someone new he gets jealous. And also I feel like he tried to flaunt his new relationships with me


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  • He liked you all right, but now it difficult. I'll say forget him at get on with you life, but don't ever ignored a guy you like.

    I know you feel bad about the girl on fb, but he never knew for sure you liked him or not and your where not exclusive or even dating.

    If you like him, show it, draw him closer to you, so you can be committed to one another, then the girl on fb will either go away or you break up.

    But don't expect him to be committed to you, and you not committed to him, it's not gone happen.


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  • I honestly think he did like you but he was probably confused and probably caught in between you and that other girl. Guys are too indecisive. Best thing you can do is use your experiences with him and use them with future guys! And maybe try to have him somehow see you're talking to other guys too, might spark his interest a little more (;