Did I send a mail which is a closed mail?

I met this guy through work and I fell for him. He gave mixed signals and I told him about my true feelings. Then he said that I misunderstood his signals. Though we had this emotional stuff between us but, being adult and professional it didn't effect our work and we finished the project 6 weeks ago, in flying colors. Then, I went mad, there was no forum for us to meet, that made me more mad and I sent him messages and e-mails. Within one week, I came back to my senses and to protect myself what I wrote as a long e-mail in nutshell is-- I am hurt that he didn't allow us to continue our friendship, and so I am closing all my contacts from my side. If he thinks otherwise he has to contact me. Then after 2 weeks, I had to let him know something about the project, a negative result unfortunately, which he could have chose to not to answer. I sent a text and he replied that he is sorry. Since then we have no contacts. From my sources I have heard that he misses me. Now my friends tell me that I have wrote a closed e-mail. Even if he wants, his male ego is not allowing him to contact you. Moreover, he doesn't know how you will react if he contacts you. Any insight?


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  • I don't really understand what a "closed e-mail" is but if you have feelings for him then take the initiative and contact him to just say 'hi.'

    You'll never regret the things you did as much as the opportunities that you've let pass.

    • Thanks ionlife. I thought of calling him and saying Hi, but I am scared of the voicemail. Somehow I feel if I get him directly on phone the ice will break. But, if I get his voicemail then what shall I say? Just Hi? Any comment?

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    • He didn't call me yet and truly I am not expecting a call too but what I feel is I am so mentally free and I feel good that I have made all my actions clear. After this all is destiny and how strong he is. But, thank you so much for giving me that courage.

    • And now I will never have to wonder through out of my life "what if".

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