Any app/site like Tinder for the PC?

I've heard a lot about Tinder, and I'd definitely want to try something like that for fun. But I only have a Windows Phone (which isn't supported by Tinder) and also, there aren't really much women on Tinder around the city where I live (which is in a third world country).

So I just wanted to know, are there any alternatives to Tinder which can be used on a PC/laptop?


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  • Try OKCupid or POF. They aren't apps, they are websites.


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  • You'll have to try one of those dating websites, I think that's your best way to go. The profiles there are also more extensive, though I don't like to fill out all that info about me because I'm a wreck when having to tell about myself :)


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  • I think Tinder is an app only. You could try OKCupid, which is kinda similar but is a website.


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