She never wants to webcam or send videos? (Long distance)

So me and my girlfriend have had a long distance relationship for 5 months now. Both of us work full time and are on different hours because of time difference (she is from the UK, and I Canada).

We get along so well and I really fell for her. We use to Skype a couple times a week and im throughout the day but as time has passed that is getting less and less.

We still message each other but her response time has been getting worse and worse. She will only respond once a day usually and some times it takes a day or two just for her to respond to a message. I was on the verge of breaking up at one point due to the lack of communication and effort on her side but we talked a little and it sort of repaired things (sort of).

I came up with a solution to the mishmashed time schedule and communication problems and thought it would be a good idea to send each other video messages once a day since we can't Skype. She brushed it off since she's shy and doesn't like to be on camera often and only gets on webcam if I pout. For obvious reasons this frustrated me and to "make up for it" she sent a photo instead.

We also had set up a time to Skype and I was so excited to talk to her for a bit but she brushed me off again casually and instead just messaged me instead.

I'm getting very frustrated and despite my strong feelings for her I feel like they aren't shared since it's seeming very one sided in the relationship. We get along so well and we have a lot if chemistry and common interests (more then I've had with anyone else) but I just feel like I'm the only one really trying.

Does anyone have any suggestions or advice?


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  • In my experience of LDR, just keep at it. She'll crack and come around, trust me. It just takes time, as annoying as that is. You two should also meet up at some point, that really helps if you're having communication problems. It also gives something you 2 can talk about!

    But aside from that, follow your heart. As dumb as that may sound, it works best.
    Best of luck! :)


What Girls Said 1

  • sounds like she is just shy , I loved my boyfriend to death and I didn't like facetiming because i felt like I looked weird on camera and since you both work full time maybe Lahr is working and is tired so she doesn't have time to message back. it's all in your head don't worry about it just schedule a vacation time and you could go see her everything will be alright. remember not every relationship is perfect.

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