So..., there's this girl, right?

She seems to be a really fun girl and I just got her number

but I'm just thinking when should I make a date with her?

first call? Second call?

and what should I do for a first date?

I'm thinking of going for ice cream with her

what do you think?


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  • Cut to the chase and call her up and ask her if she wants to go for icecream. Going for icecream is perfect, especially for someone your age whos going out with a new girl for the first time. You got her number, so you know she's interested. Don't wait, go for it!


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  • You are thinking way too much into this. Just make it on the first call. Just call her and ask her to go for ice cream with you. She's probably waiting for you to call and ask her out anyways.

  • You should talk to her on the phone a couple of times, then ask her if she will liek to hangout one day and if she agrees, taker her out for ice cream XD

    good luck^^


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