Has anyone here ever dated a police officer?

My boyfriend is currently in the police academy and he should be graduating soon & I was hoping to get advice from anyone who has had experience being in a relationship with a cop.

I know it's going to be stressful for him at times so advice on how I can help him through it & keep our relationship strong would help.


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  • My class-mate was dating a police officer for
    several years before he would marry her
    he kept playing mind games with her now
    he's local magistrate also my case worker
    was dating a police officer he put her through
    hell about marrying her so i don't know what
    the thing is all about but the police we know
    where i live all have a history of cheating ,
    having girlfriends on the side, my late grand-dad
    was deputy sheriff , he cheated on my late
    grandma so many years it was pathetic

    • Just cause some people have bad past experience can't say it will happen to someone else

    • I never dated a police officer but sure have enough history of knowing stuff and having a grand-dad who was deputy sheriff i know how they can be

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  • I dated one, he turned out to be a possessive guy. After almost a year, he still tries to contact me


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  • My friend dated one, but we lost touch so I'm not sure how it ended for her. But they met because she was speeding and he pulled her over. He ended up giving her a ticket and also asking for her number