What would a women mean to you?

Ok i've been dating a guy for five months now. Im getting to the point where i think guys are confusing. They dont express feelings well. So im asking What do you think a women would mean to a man if he was to buy her sexy lingerie, letting her stay the weekend and even if he wasn't home. Cooking dinners taking out to movies. I only ask this because their go a period of time between texts. And im unsure if i should chase him. Or leave him. Witch i do not want to do. So how much would you say a women ment to that man?


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  • if i would do those things for a woman i'm dating then that would mean that i really love her and i trust her good enough because i won't just let anybody spend the weekend at my house especially if i'm not there, unless that person is a member of my family. now about the lingerie attires i would say that i think that woman is really sexy and i would love to see her wear all the sexy attires as possible because i would enjoy and get really high pleasure from watching her in these attires.

    anyways about the feelings i agree with you. we men aren't program to project 100% of our feelings and emotions but that doesn't mean we are robots and of course our action speaks louder than words so once again if that buys you lingerie and lets you stay at his place for the weekend even if he isn't there then i must say you got a place to stay in his heart


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  • Perhaps it means that he is really fond of you, comfortable with you, has nothing to hide, and finds you to be incredibly sexy. I would also assume he is somewhat serious about her.

    But, why ponder and concern yourself over an issue when merely asking him may give you a direct answer?


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