Help me please!!! How can I ask girls out? I need a gf badly?

Help me please!!! How can I ask girls out? I need a gf badly


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  • No offense dude, but that sounds really desperate.

    • And?

    • Don't worry about her, just be confident, go out and try to mingle with lots of people (men and women) try not Looking for a gf but rather becoming friends first and if there is chemistry then it will be easy to ask a girl out. Focus on yourself in the meantime and when you meet a girl who has great chemistry with you then boom you have a gf :)

    • I don't even know how to talk to girls

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  • Women don't want a desperate guy.

    • How am I desperate. ? I'm eager

    • Really? "I need a gf badly"? If that's not desperate, then I don't know what is.

    • who wants to be alone I don't? But I had a girlfriend it was great now being alone isn't so great

  • It takes confidence and a smile girls are attracted big to those things. And after that its easy. If you do go to a dating site post lots of smiling pictures. And be very positive. I've been on Meetme. com for a while I've met people there its not a dating site its a social site but I've been dating my bf for five monts now from that site :-)

    • That's awesome congrats. . I'm very unsuccessful at online dating

    • It takes practice. And not everyone is shallow. And just be yourself. Start conversations. I've never liked the hi how are you. I always need a full conversational starter peace. Humor. Humor is big :-)

  • You don't "need" a girlfriend, and having that attitude isn't going to help your situation. Desperation is a huge turn off.

  • Like many things in life, it's better go get when you don't need, so that when you need you already have.

  • hi do you want to go out?

    there you go that's a straight up how to.

    • Not simple for a guy if he isn't hot

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  • If you NEED a gf BADLY, it won't matter what you do. They will smell it before you even start talking. You will "reek" of desperation.

    Learn to NOT need a girlfriend. Learn to truly love yourself. Then we'll talk :)

    • That's what I'm saying!

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    • AHA! thank you Nichole. Hadn't gotten to that bit yet.

    • XNichole is right, getting a gf just to get back at your x isn't the right approach. She is your x , don't worry about your ex's or what they think

  • Try dating sites.
    Check frozen yogurt paroles and suavely approach one
    Go to the gym and start a conversation with the woman on the adjacent exercise bike. Many places to try.