How can I get to know her better?

So she said we need to get to know each other better. Her parents r strict so r mine... We can only text. Cuz her dad doesn't allow her to have a BF.. How would I get to know her better? Should I text her everyday , every week? Or what? I mean I don't know if she likes me...


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  • I don't understand how her parents figure it's better for you guys to just "text and get to know each other." It would be better if y'all could go to movies or out to eat with a group of friends and get to know each other in person... talk to your parents and see if they will talk to hers and consider allowing a group outing.

    • Ya I'll try and my dad does know her dad

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  • Can you do a group activity together?

    • She comes to my state very weekend she's with her mom in the other state

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