Why doesn't he ask me out or do something it's annoying me?

So I played a game met this guy real life yet he won't sleep with me, talk to me or knowledge i exist. Now i think he may be a player and i think he's trying to change I have never seen him with girls and he seems very very shy. What do i do? Will he ever approach me.


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  • Wow... well he probably won't approach you unless he gets a little nudge in the right direction if you know what I mean...


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  • Why don't you just approach him?

    • a guy entering your real life is kind of creepy, but i just want to know what he wants

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    • Well that guy sounds like quite a character and I really wouldn't take anything to heart from someone like that. I know it can be hard, but I'd really encourage you to work past your fears of rejection -- and if they do reject you it doesn't always mean the fault is in you. In the end the choice is yours, but if you wait for everything to come to you it probably won't.

    • I am fine with that like i said he started it he can finish it

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  • Lol how is he a player? He doesn't like you and never showed you any interest

    • sometimes he stares at me