Am I being over sensitive, would you be pissed off at this?

I've kind of been seeing this guy who is a few years younger than me and on the 3rd date he was pretty full on physically. He said it was because he hasn't slept with anyone in ages so, he later apologised and said he really likes me. I've seen him a few times after that date, but the last time I saw him, he said I had something in my hair, which is fine, but then he said I have something on my lips (for some stupid reason my lips always peel, it's so embarrassing) and he said don't you like clean your lips? And I said uh yeah I do and he said sorry I just couldn't stand it, it didn't look very nice so I told you.

After that I felt offended at the fact that he said he couldn't stand it. And another time he had said oh what's that on your forehead and he touched my pimple, I thought wtf. I just feel self concious around him even more now because I feel like he is sitting there judging me or picking at things.
And as for my lips no matter what I use, they just peel all the time and I didn't know how to explain why they peel, to him because I do to know why they do and if I saw him again, well he's just going to see them peel again.
I feel so embarrassed, am I being over sensitive? Would you be pissed off at him being like that? I just feel unsure about him, especially because he is younger.

I told him how I felt and he said he doesn't see how telling me that something on my lips was bad. He said he was joking about the pimples thing and said there was something in your hair so I took it out for u. And then he said he is very sorry
And that he won't say anything again.

I feel stupid now and feel that I've been too sensitive. What do I say back to him? and he was asking about one of my friends like her name and if she was single and he said he asked because he thought she


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  • Drop him like a hot potato, sweetie. He is knit picking and too finicky for my liking... He is obviously looking for Ms. Perfect. What will he be looking for next? He will always be commenting on something you either wear or eat or if you have a mole on your butt. He's not for you.
    You will end up so self conscious that Anyone even After this schmo would make you think you are not good enough, or is he staring? Do I look okay? And the loopy list will go on.
    It's not even so much 'his age,' it's just Him as a person... And he is starting out Young...
    Give him his walking papers... He's half baked. You can do better.
    Good luck. xx

    • I just read this 'above...'No, don't let him know how you feel... He doesn't deserve one more breath to hear of your voice... He most likely would have something to say of your breath, who knows...:(xx

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  • I think getting angry is really a defense mechanism for him pointing out flaws you're self-conscious about. I really doubt he meant any offense and you should probably just tell him how you feel about him pointing out all those things about you. Give him a chance to change and if he just can't do it then maybe you guys should go your separate ways.

    • Do you think I should let him know he offended me?

    • You can let him know... but really, he should already know that's kind of an awkward thing to say to somebody, especially a chick. Also, I do think you are being a little too sensitive about it but still, he should know better... I'm open minded but that was just really retarded of him to do all that stuff to you.

    • If he doesn't realize how saying something like that can make someone feel self-conscious I think he has some emotional growing up to do. Things you do and say to people can have big effects on them, ESPECIALLY if you're romantically involved with them.

      You weren't stupid in communicating how you felt, if you didn't you'd probably still be feeling self-conscious and he'd still be saying stuff like that. Though him asking if your friend is single is a little bit of a red flag, you might want to reconsider what kind of person he is. Could've just been a harmless question though.

  • If you have time to talk with a manipulative fool, then do so. He is pure damage to you like satin. He knows your weakness and are playing on them. The more you speak with him the more flaws he will find in you and it is destructive. He is playing an abusive game, something he knows much about. He is not stupid, his acts are delibrate and you are falling for it by second guessing yourself.

    One thing you need to focus on is you were born perfect with a pimple which is happy to be there along with dry lips and all. Change your diet and both will go away, like cold water fish. Little things hurt and no person needs another person stealing their joy.

    Your feelings are correct.

    • I don't feel like he is doing it on purpose..

  • Just go with your gut. It shouldn't matter what his age is, he is just not a gentleman. He is putting you down to either make you feel insecure, thinking you might want him for security, or he wants you to dump him or he is seeing somebody else and comparing. Just dump the weasel. He's not gonna change.

    • Uh If he didn't want to see me, then he wouldn't. I can't imagine he would say those things so I don't see him anymore

    • I'm writing the rest of my update here because it won't let me write the rest. I was saying he asked about my friend because he thought she would of found someone by her age. So I don't know if he was asking because of that or..

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  • i would actually be quite offended at the fact if someone was trying to point out all my flaws, he should like u besides them, and not be so judgemental.. also it might be to do with the age, if he is quite young then he might just be going through a faze where he thinks he's gods gift to woman and perfect in everyway. however he should make you feel good about yourself. i suggest confront him on how u feel, and if u decide to keep seeing him then go along with the flow, point out his defects and see how he likes it... maybe this way will ease you and show him that nobody is perfect but its the personality that counts :)

  • lol this guy sounds like a social idiot. He clearly has no tact. I wouldn't waste time on him.

  • No I don't think you are acting over sensitively. He is not your bf or sth. So he isn't there to judge you. Even though he was your bf, there is always a better way to tell those stuff, not in a offender way.

  • I feel like he could have been a little nicer about it instead of being kind of rude like he was, i wouldn't be mad because i'm sure he didn't say it to be mean. I'm sure he was just a little nervous and said/did something he didn't mean due to it. Just maybe ask him to be a little nicer about it, or not say anything at all.