Is it normal that he always talk about sex but says It's not all he wants?

I am dating that guy I met at work but we live in different states so it's long distance dating. I really liked him at first but I am confused now as he always talk about sex like everytime we talk! I asked him honestly if this is all he wants and he said that he likes my personally & he doesn't want me to think that he is only after sex coz it's not TRUE and that we are far from each other so it's not the case. He told me that whenever he think of me he get turned on badly & can't help it.
After this conversation he was back joking about sex again! the next day he wanted me to talk about sex as well, I said it's too early. He don't force me, he say I don't want you to do something you don't want. But is this normal? Or Should i just forget about him coz i am looking for something serious!


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  • Serious is not in his plans, only sex.

    Rule 37 - energy flows where attention goes. If all he speaks of is sex, it is the only thing on his mind, to the point that he does not see you.

    Guys who have no control will always have problems which will follow them.

    • Should I just stop talking to him or try & tell him to not talk to me about sex & see what he does after?

  • Well guys do think about sex all the time and some more then others but for him to keep harping on it tells me either he no get any at all and he just trying to be honest with you or He a playing you for a foul and just want to keep you hang around for a booty call


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