What are the chase signs from a guy?

so guys what are the signs of a chase?

Is it you calling us now and again and check on us or text.. ask to go and do something together now and again or maybe that sign where all my friends tell me :' he should at least text or call.. no exuses.. there is enough hours in a day...

I know guys are not like we girls.. it's a hard work for you to even use phone sometimes not text us.. and a lot of men aren't attached to phones.. so how to know if he really after you or just tests waters and text because he is bored.


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  • A chase is a persist pursuit/courtship of someone who seems avoidant of being "caught," at times, by the pursuer. That being said, if a guy consistently calls and put forth effort to see you and date you, even during times when you are not easily accessible to him, it's safe to assume he is chasing you.


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  • The only truth in relationships is communication. You have to bite the bullet and ask him. Hard to get can turn into never did. He never texts can turn into, darn, he was just shy. It's better to make a mistake and know, than to never try and regret it later.


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