So I hit on ex girlfriends sister last night and now ex is furious at me?

she works at a local bar and I had the opportunity to talk to her last night and things went really well. I realise she is the younger sister of my ex gf but she is really nice and really good looking and mature for her age. the whole thing went really well and she enjoyed my attention and compliments about her bartending skills. I also couldn't stop checking her out the entire night. she is single but we didn't discuss dating or any future plans together.

but later in night her older sister / my ex gf arrived with her new bf and some of her gf's and later on in night she found out about what I had been up to with her sister and was so furious she just walked by me in disgust with new bf and wouldn't even look at me or talk to me and either just left the bar entirely or what not sure but didn't see her rest of night

so anyways now I'm not sure whats next , ex obvivously hates me and does not want me to date her younger sister but I honestly think I have a chance with the sister and that she would be interested so I don't see why ex should be able to say who we can date or not if we like each other


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  • That's not cool, and the other sister was probably just being nice and liking the attention. One sister would never date another sisters ex. Ever.


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  • Honestly you should've asked your ex whether it was okay to date her sister before trying to go for it. If it was just a random girl that'd be one thing but it's her SISTER. At this point I would just avoid any drama and stay away from her sister. There's plenty of fish in the sea, why cause a whirlpool for just one.

    • yeah but its doubtful she would of said it was ok , I've had a thing for younger sister for a while now , its one of the reasons we broke up as I had checked her out at work before and ex got annoyed last year for similar thing I had done then. its a small town there isn't that many good looking/interesting singles available , she is very good looking and very nice girl , I genuinely do want to date her and not just trying to have sex with her to annoy ex

    • Then frankly it's not okay and you shouldn't really go near her sister.

      It's not really about annoying your ex as much as it is respecting her, especially if part of the reason you broke up is because of her sister. Just because you're not with your ex anymore doesn't mean you shouldn't respect her feelings, you're still an important part of her life and it'd probably hurt her for you to go around her to her sister.

      If you want to find a girl and there's not that many there then move, but in my opinion it's a little messed up to try to pursue her sister.

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