Was he lying about not wanting to see me again after our first date? he's always online but hasn't texted like he usually does?

Okay so I went on a amazing date 2 days ago and we went to see a movie everything was great he was a sweet guy opened up doors etc. everything was going pretty good other than the ususal first date awkwardness. after the movie he drove me home and he asked if he could see me again sometime I said yeah if you want to id like that. we both couldn't stop smiling:) when I got in the house I sent a text that said "I had fun tonight thank you" it was late so I wast suprised he didn't text me back... yesterday I didn't hear from him so I texted him "hey how was work today?" and still no response. . i know he has his phone because he's online on fb and stuff.. but I don't know maybe he changed his mind? or was he lying about wanting to see me again? we usually talk EVERY day


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  • he might be thinking about things. give a couple more days


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  • guys have a code to wait a few days before texting girls after a date. its a stupid code i admit but so are most brocodes. just wait a few days


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