Agree or not you can't make a man love you but if he does you will know it?

So I am old fashioned. My dating history consisted of primarily jerks. I had daddy problems my own treated my mom like garbage and didn't respect me either. I went to therapy and realized I need to respect myself.

Now I am dating and letting myself be respected. It seems like the best way is to put yourself out there and give guys a chance. I just met a guy. He has a lot of qualities I always wanted. He is a bit older than I wanted and not perfect looking. But he is extremely sweet and caring. Our personalities went well together. He is very respectful. And I love his sweetness. This is from someone who dated and loved bad boys.

It seems like he is doing a lot of work in pushing the relationship ahead. He completely pursued me. All I do is be receptive and caring and make him feel appreciated. And it's easy for me to do that sincerely because I think he is a great guy. I am so happy I met him and even if I lose him it taught me that love is possible.

It also taught me that when a guy truly cares for a girl she won't be running after him. Sure she needs to show some effort but the big steps and majority will come from him.

Does anyone else agree?


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  • If love is true then both parties will make the efforts and both parties will feel secure in the other's love.


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  • This guy I was with I had no idea he was in live with me
    It wasn't until I f@(&); up things and ended if that u found out
    So no I don't think a girl can truly know unless he tells her or he shows if

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