Would you leave your GF for a girl you like? (really like)

They're dating for about 2 months now, and this guy used to like me a hell of a lot! I mean, he said that I'm the kind of a girl he wants to marry. Well, things never worked out, he never came up to me to tell me how he feels, played stupid mind games and everything went through his friend that tried to set us up, but i always thought he was joking. Now he has a gf :( he didn't tell he has one, I over heard s/o say he has a GF.

Now, if i'll go up to him and tell him how i fell and i that i want him, do you think he'll leave her? If you were in his shoes... would you?
P. S.
He still flirts with me by staring at me constantly AND from time to time he would say "what up" to other girls/guys in the office but not me... WFT? WHYYYYYY


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  • Stay away from him !!!
    I was in THE SAME situation and i rejected him immediately because he never said he had a girlfriend. It was an insult for me and for her!.
    He was my friend and yet he is my best friend. When he broke up with this girl, he tried (he's trying, he never give up) to be my boyfriend.
    Guess what? I REJECTED HIM (i have YEARS saying: "no!" and "HELLO, NO!", because he acted like an idiot, i don't like him anymore and he's a cheater.

    • you're right but i feel like "with me its not gonna happen". It just drives me crazy the way he acts :/

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  • Would you still want him, if you knew, he leaves girls just like that to be with a "better" one?

  • Gurls are so dumb lol. Guys are good at lying when coming to multiple secret relationship. He said dat juz to win ur heart silly. I would be surprise if he score on ya ;D

  • so you want to break up their relationship? really?


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