Is she playing hard to get? What do you think?

So I met this girl recently and we talked a little bit. Later on we started chatting on facebook. She would ask me a lot of questions but sometimes she would disappear and not reply for a day. Is she playing hard to get? Or is she not interested?

Girls, have you guys done that before?


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  • I highly doubt she's playing "hard to get." She's probably busy during those times she doesn't reply. Or she doesn't needed a break. That's just how some people are. Best of luck to you :)

    • I was chatting with her and I to her.. "well let me know if you want to do something fun.. i gotta go to school now" since she is coming to town on Sunday to see a friend's play.

      She hasn't replied since yesterday morning, should I follow up?

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    • what do you think of her reply?

      hope you did well on your exam! my friend's play is at 2 and we'll probably get dinner after. what time were you thinking about going? i probably won't be able to do anything since the play is in the middle of the day

    • I wouldn't read much into it - plays generally run for at least a few hours. She could just be extremely busy for that day, especially if she was coming into town specifically to see her friend. She could have plans just for that.

      You could always just tell her that it was too bad you guys couldn't hang out and hopefully you could get together some other time whenever she's in town and free.

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  • Well Maybe She Was Just Busy I Get That A Lot From Guys Don't Rush Your Thoughts Maybe She Was Talking To Other People Friends Family Its Hard Msging Several People At Once Just Be Cool About It:)

  • The only time I stopped replying a guy I was dating for a whole day was the moment I knew I would break it off with him :-/ even Barack Obama has time to sent a quick message to his wife.

    • well she does that at times.. and the messages don't have the "seen" thing. but the thing is we aren't dating and i have only recently met her once. she was being friendly and even offered to give me a tour of her hometown... figured she would be okay to meet up to do something when she comes to my town. but she hasn't responded yet. found it a little odd

  • She doesn't want to appear needy or desperate, that's all :)


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