Guys, why do you disappear on girls?

After a few dates, why would u disappear on a girl? And how would u feel if she texted you asking what went wrong?


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  • honestly thats a beyond loaded question. it depends on the girl the guy how things went whats going on in his life. if somethings going on he might not be an open person and want to tell you maybe he got back with an ex maybe he is super confues maybe he took something u did as a wrong sign like u didn't like him. I don't know i try not to do that to any girl but it def has happened on occasion and i think everytime i felt like a dickhead. and as far as texting asking what happened i think that would be fine the worst that could happen is he snaps on u and says some fucked up things , next he could just ignore it , but as far as a normal human being he would or should just answer and let you know whaats going on in his head and at least give u the common courtousy of some kind of an explanation even if its complete bullshit casue face it we both know even if you know he is full of shit and lying at least he anssered and possibly trying to spare you're feelings and give you some peace of mind


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  • because that's the way some people are alright. In this society you are going or can get numerous explanations about "why he did this, or why he did that." But its all the same really. Some people just can move on real easily and either not care or think about the damage they leave behind. And thats just that. Your probably not going to get an answer, and i don't think youd even really want one, because it'll just make you analyze yourself to death, and make you feel even more imperfect.
    thats not something you want. Whoever did it to you, yea he's turd, but hey, there is absolutely nothing you can do, because people just don't change for the best as often as they should.

  • If what went wrong was something she couldn't do anything about, something she couldn't change, the message would hurt and many guys don't want to hurt a girl needlessly.

  • He feels overwhelmed. needs space


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  • I think it's because they are a coward and they lost interest and they are too scared to say so

    He feel that they are avoiding drama by doing that

    • Drama is something for television shows. One isn't scared or a coward because he avoids drama.
      Life is not a television show. Life has much more unanswered questions.

    • You can justify being a coward all you want but a coward is a coward

    • If a woman did that guy all the guys on here would be moping on here saying all girls are sluts

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