Advice on a relationship based issue?

So i like this girl and she likes me. She has a boyfriend she has wanted to leave since before we met but wont, because he will have no where to go since he lives there. We both know how deep our feelings are for eachother and want to be together. Its just so hard on both of us because he is very controlling and won't let us talk anymore. Plus all they do is fight. What should i do?


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  • kill his over controllin bitch ass and ditch the body in a grave that is about to have a body put in it cover with some dirt then go be with ur girl and see if you get the sparks flying fuck that other dude... but honestly tough question probably nothing u can do man she has to make the moves and to be honest i think thats an excuse he has to be able to go SOMEWHERE he might not liek it or want to and stuff but ultimately if its her place and she wants to ditch him and he isn't treating her right then he doesn't deserve her and SHE needs to oopen her eyes and take some benifical moves towards a better happier future cause she is going NOWHERE with him and u at least sound genuinely concerned and nice so she shud at least give you a shot u may be worthy of

    • His parents kicked him out when he was 16 and no one likes him. Even her family hates him. So he really won't have anywhere to go. Her and i took some time off from talking and tried to move on but instead it increased the longing and desire to be together. And now we want it even more. I just wish i knew if there was something i could do

    • lol then go with my first comment i said playfully. ill get the tarp u bring a gun and shovel i got you bro

    • Lmao gotta use a knife. Its cleaner :-D. Just kidding.