Did I make him lose interest and push him away? Should I just realize that I messed up?

I recently was talking to a guy. He was a sweetheart text me all day , always made it known that's I was in his thoughts but I treated him like CRAP , attitude for no reason and knick pick things about him I didn't like. Yes I was wrong and once I realize we had a big argument and i got defensive and said things I didn't mean. Now I reach out numerous of times and he give me short response. Or he giving me the cold shoulder. I admit to him I was wrong and he give me the cold shoulder. Or seem like he not interested in what I have to say. or just don't respond at all. Should I just leave it alone and realize he not interested in me anymore? He gives mix Signals one minute he respond likes he care than the next it just mean or he don't respond at all. Should I just give up?


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  • by the looks of things you scared him off, i would move on so you dont have the risk of looking desperate or anything. but why did you talk to him like crap?

    • I listen to other people smh. & little things he did or I don't know I knick pick him for no reason. I have a problem with that trying to find fault in someone and push them away so I don't get hurt. I'm to old for that and realize I was doing the exact same thing now it to late

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    • Yea guess so. I messed up.. Smh it's not the end of the world like u said but to stop thinking of him might take me a couple days lol thanks for your input

    • no problem i hope you all the best for future relationships ;)

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  • I think he's gone off you a bit because you undermined him and he might feel a little used he's realised this and is trying not to let you walk all over him. He still wants to keep you around because he might still like you or wants to keep you as a friend. Have you tried bigging him up instead of beating him down? It sounds like he's mad at you for having a go and all but in time he probably will let it go

    • Yea that true. Be he said hurtful things and I'm the type to react first than realize my actions when it's too late. If someone offend me I have to try to offend them back. I have to work on taking criticism. But the miz singles I don't know it's obvious he not interested so I'll move on. But for some reason I can't stop thinking about him and it haven't been long

    • it might not be that he's not interested he could be just mad give him time to forgive you dont contact him much as he will just find it annoying at the moment, let him come to you in his own time. If he dosnt 'there are plenty of other fish in the sea' just learn from your mistakes and make sure you dont make the same ones with the next guy

    • Yea I think u right , he contacted me but very short just to ask what I'm doing and than once I respond he say okay and don't text back.. I think he still mad that's y he not back to his normal self. But I tell u this I don't out my pride to the side to often and I'm not going to contains to wait around for him to get over it. He said hurtful things to if u can dish it should be able to accept. Cuz I get tired of the cat and mouse game and move on !!

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