Cut her off. Anyone else do that?

So I've been out of a relationship for 4 years, working on myself. I've been somewhat successful and want to go even further. I cut women out of my life after a 4 year relationship, hell-bent on making myself the man I wasn't/wanted to be. About two months ago, I met my cousin's friend who showed VERY strong interest, and I held back due to me not knowing how her cousin would take it. Long story short, We started seeing each other, cute texts yadda yadda yadda, and finally found ourselves in bed. Things got heated, and when it came time to really get things going, she stopped a total of twice and said "I told myself i wouldn't do this." She ended up smoking a blunt and falling asleep, whereas I had to go take a shower of ice cubes, Only to find her asleep when I got out. The following weeks proved to be a downward spiral as she explained to me that she wasn't ready for a relationship (even though I was never looking for one) and that she basically wanted to just be "BFFs". Now, I'm 29, and find myself to be WAY too old for any form of BFF. I find myself not at all interested in this status change. Needless to say I've been massively depressed over the whole thing and feel like I'd put my walls down far too soon/quick. I've completely cut her off on all Social Nets, Phone and text. I always find my blocked Text folder full of things like "Gm <3" and "Gn *lips*" "We gotta have a Painting-Night soon! (which will involve Her Bed, alcohol, and Weed most def)" And I feel like she's reeling me in to be her girlfriend. I REALLY liked this girl, which is rare. Most women just don't catch my eye the way she did. I feel like I'm too old to be a friendzone resident. People suggest just moving onto the next one, yet they fail to realize that I don't really get out much Aside from Work and the Gym. Serial-Dating is a MASSIVE turn off for me and nothing is more boring to me. Anyone else take the "Cut off" Route?


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  • I was and still probably am in love with this guy who i talked to everyday called most nights and skyped sometimes too we said the L word. We were so close it was crazy, but when we met up he found that it was awkward and told me he liked someone else i was and still am sort of heartbroken. I blocked him from everything and after a wile even disabled my Facebook because i couldnt stand to see him move on. I told myself i was disabling it to focus on my college work but college is over now and i still can't bring myself to get it back.

    I know exactly what you mean about focusing on yourself and becoming a better person, i started working out a lot, working really hard and really trying to better myself in every way i can. I have got 2 jobs now, my body looks better heck even my bum looks better lol and i do feel like I've learnt a lot.

    You just got to remember that life goes on and you should definitely try to get out there again as it certainly dosnt get any easier as you get older. Find some way to boost your confidence maybe join a gym and tone up those muscles and in time you will find the confidence to get back out there again

    • I've been to the gym for a while now and look amazing in comparison to back then. i mean all this happened within a few weeks, but I feel as if it was wasted time. Im pushing 30 here, and don't really see the appeal of younger girls, nor women my age, as they all seem married to their careers. It makes for boring counterparts. This one just seemed to know how to enjoy herself and let loose which is rare with women around here. But, you're right. Time wasters grow in numbers as you age and it doesn't get better with time. We were nothing serious, but its as if she made sure to get rid of any possibility, via the "its not you, its me." bullshit. I feel like she wants me to be her girlfriend, which is hilariously out of the question. I was just really affectionate with her, and though i wasn't interested in anything serious, she may have taken it as neediness. I even got a slew of useless texts today which maybe a result of her really bad ADHD. But I feel like i'm just not interested.

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  • Yeah I always cut people girls off.