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READ ALL OF THIS! Well my girlfriend and I been together for 2 months. We were friends for a couple years before we dated. The relashinship going well. BUT she lives beside my Grandparents! I live with my Parents 40mins away. Grandparents said I could move up there with them if I want and go to school up there. But I hate staying up there with them! They make me work like crazy! Bedtime is fucking messed up. Not a lot of free time! Maybe a videogame 30mins a day. At my parents house. they let me staying up Late as I want (summer time) and weekends. They make do chores but not a lot. I'm more free to do stuff I want to do. I love my GF very much and if I do move We will be neighbors. Is it worth it? I'm 15


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  • No don't do it. I feel like it would put so much pressure on both of you trying to make it work out because you made such a big change for your relationship.

    Spend a weekend or even a week every now and then over the summer to be with her more often... and spend quality time with your grandparents of course c; lol

    But really moving is too much I think. Not saying that it couldn't work out. My older sister and her bf met and started dating at 13 and 14 years old. I was just a little kid when they got together. They lived 45minutes apart and they got married just a couple years ago.

    They made it work all through high school then they moved in together afterwards, went to college and all that. They made it through the high school years and it was really hard. But they made it c:

    You never know. But please don't change your whole life at this age. You're still soo young.


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  • No it's not worth it... How are you going to spend anytime with her if your are going to be at 9 pm and doing chores all day long? A sweet deal for your grandparents but for you not so much. Don't tell your girlfriend living with them is an option or she will be pissed if you don't move in with them.

  • You are FIFTEEN! You should be enjoying your summer, and just having fun being young. Get a summer job, and earn the money to be able to drive up there/pay your parents the gas money. Dont move in with your grandparents just for a girl. You're really young and anything can happen. Make sure you're 100% sure it'll last the summer, or you'll end up stuck at their house miserable and living next to your ex.
    Maybe just visit them on the weekends?

  • If i were you i would stay with the rents i mean like If you are staying right next door to you're girl you probably will eventually get sick of each other and if you're with the rents you could spend enough time with you're girl but not to much. You know what im sayin

  • u can do anything for ur GF (in a good line)
    so just asking her what should u do
    she know what u feel right now
    with this she can think that she can be used to u


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