Is this wrong for a realationship or no?

Well me and this guy are dating but no one know well a couple of people know but its been TWO MONTHS and I'm tired of all this secret stuff

  • should i say something
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  • or should i just tell the people myself
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  • This ain't no secret, but nobody's business
    Jealousy will start and people will do anything to ruin the relationship and that's a known fact our generation wanna act "mature" but they're doing it wrong by fooling themselves that sex drugs partying and alcohol makes them one
    I've been through relationships that went bad and I can tell you that it can happen to anyone
    It's not that EVERY SINGLE PERSON is like that but I suggest you to keep your circle small I know how you feel maybe it won't be bad if people around you will know but as I said, that's why some people keep their relationships to themselves so I hope you'll figure it out by yourself what's the best for you two (even if it won't be that bad that you'll make it officially known)
    Wish you guys the best good luck!

    • Oh yeah.. Find out any possible thing about him (not like a f'cking cop sh..) but know the people you're with
      If he has somebody else or just affraid for some reason

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  • Talk to him and tell him how you feel, if he doesn't want to go public then its time to do some serious thinking. Taking into consideration that he wants to keep you a secret. But you need to talk to him first and see whats up.


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  • Honesty Is the best policy. If you don't think you should tell anyone, you should reconsider your relationship.