Boys, help me out with advice. I'm into him!?

I was in a bad relationship couple of years ago and it's traumatic to even think of being in a relationship but as of late I have had a guy come into my life whom I feel a connection with.

We have been talking for about a month now and just had sex the other night...
This is where I need advice as we've done the deed, now its at that awkward, "whats next?" stage.

When we first met I voiced how I wasn't interested in a relationship obvioulsy not knowing I would fall hard for him.

This morning at around 2am I received text messages from him one stating he wanted me, than this morning I jumped on Facebook to find he had obviously "stalked" my page and liked some old photos.

Are these signs that he likes me? Or just want to bang?

I dont want to put myself through an emotional roller coaster if its just a sign of him wanting to have sex.

Please help because im falling more and more for this guy when I see him.


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  • You shouldn't given up the deed so early then! You could have hold up and waited to see if he stayed around even without sex... could have tested his commitment.


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  • If u don't want a relationship... keep a distance from that guy...
    coz sex without being in a relationship makes it awkward... but if u r okay with " friends with benifits " then its up to u...
    TALK TO HIM about what's going on in his mind


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  • I think I can be of some type of help, I kind of went through the same thing as you. I was in a relationship which turned out traumatic at the end. I never thought I could love again, but a guy came into my life 3 years later. But I didn't sleep with him, but the guy that I was into (he is now my boyfriend) He stalked my Facebook pictures and liked them from years back. I say he's into you! (From personal experience) So go for it! plus you don't want to live life full of what ifs.