Feeling like 'He's Just not that into you'... need opinions advice?

Ok so brief history. l like college friend, turns out he likes me too. We get together on group night out.. want to sleep together but it doesn't happen that night. We then text everyday and talk on the phone couple of times a week... and agree to meet up for casual drink which goes well. He asks me out on a date which goes awful (we laugh about it now)... then for various reasons... trips away, broken bones, family deaths a second date doesn't happen.

He still texts daily and often brings up going out again. I'm agreeable to it but waiting for him to ask directly with a definite plan...

Paths cross at a college awards ceremony, introduces me to his mother. Keeps telling me how much she liked me and how pretty I looked that night... but still not asking about date?

He's a super busy guy but I am not naive enough to believe that if he really wanted to he couldnt make time to go out... I just dont get it. I'm getting pretty tired of waiting... I really like him so dont want to just cut contact but maybe I'd be better off... suggestions?


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  • Instead of waiting for him to do all the planning, you try doing it. If he hesitates or always makes up excuses, then you know he is not into you.